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over 100 years ago, the disspensory sat here and over the years of the decades this hospital has helped to celebrate our births, has helped to mourn our deaths, has helped our community through our triumphs and our challenge and our obstacles. our community, i want to thank all of you for coming together. it takes a village to rebuild a hospital. and it has been an honor, i know for my colleague supervisor marr and i to be chinese supervisors working with our first chinese mayor. working with our chinese hospital of board of trustees, with the chinese chamber, with our chinese family associations, with our chinese non-profit sector and our friends from throughout the world to rebuild this hospital. and then healthcare. i want to mention for a second, that i come from a family of
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healthcare folks. my grandfather sold chinese herbs my brother is a physician, my brother is an actupuncturist. my mother says that becoming a politician i was a failure because i was supposed to be a doctor. you who are caring for the sick, you are doing the lord's work, for some, you are doing budah's work. i want to thank you for all that all of you have done to take care of the community well-being, of our healthcare and insuring not that we are rebuilding the hospital over 100 years, but we are building a hospital that is hopefully going to last another 100 years. congratulations. [ applause ] >> only two more speakers. as i stated. this is the dream for all of us. and i want to introduce the president of our board, james hoe, who helped us guide our
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pathway to this dream. >> welcome, everyone, for coming. and i think really, the mayor, and of course, our president of the board has practically said everything. so what they haven't said is they are so modest about what they have done themselves. i think our mayor definitely has been working on this and helping us shepherd this through his staff and so on and without him we would not have been here today. more importantly the mayor has been working on this project for 18 years and more. it is not just a golf game, he is so modest about that. in every way he has been helping us and every time that he sees me, see anybody and see any of, how is the hospital coming? and his staff has really be hassled by him to help us out. >> thank you very much mayor, and thank you very much his staff and like i think that ken rich has been helping us a lot. and i really appreciate it. and of course, the board of supervisors i talked to
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supervisor eric marr and he said that it is good that it got through the board of supervisors. >> we know that san francisco is hard to get these things through, and the reason that it got through and no opposition is because a lot of finesse. >> i want to thank a lot of my board and my staff and a lot of the china town community who has been helping us all along. and of course, especially mention has to go to rose, all of these years, without rose this particular building in 1970, would not have even been built, because of him, that was built. and now many years later, we are building this one. so i don't know, if she life another 100 years, it will be >> so again good morning everyone. i am ed risk. i am the transportation director in
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the great city of san francisco and it's my great pleasure and delight to welcome you today to a great celebration. what we're celebrating here is the partnership that many of you that are with us today that have gotten to this point. we are celebrating the fact that we have gotten to this point and the investments that will central sup way will bring to san francisco and what it means for this city and this region. i can't tell you what an honor and privilege it is to serves as the transportation director in this great city. we ordered san francisco weather to deep the dust down and we are in a construction site and it's a great time for transportation across the nation largely because of some of the folks you will hear who are to my left and your right. it is also a great
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time to be in san francisco because we have leadership here in the city that are encouraging innovation, that recognize the importance of investment and infrastructure, and there is no better manifestation of that than this project and that prt is man manifested in a way that i can see no more strongly in our great mayor who have been been a public works director, a city administrator, and helped build the city's plan he really gets this stuff. he is really engaged in this stuff. i don't think a week has come gone by that he hasn't asked me when this day is coming and it's a pleasure to introduce our mayor ed lee. >> thank you for your wonderful leadership. over 20-25 years ago when we were struggling
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with the earthquake, when people in chinatown said "gosh we're really going to suffer, and if we're going to be participating in our great economy in san francisco we have to find a way for better transportation routes to transfer people up north and down south of the city, and when we call ourselves a city as a transit first city there is no better example than that than what is reflected in the plans for the central subway. this project is a vital enhancement of our public transportation system. it's going to significantly improve the movement of tens of thousands of franciscans and if you were here this past weekend when people were predicting it would be jam san francisco instead of san francisco you knew that folks were educated because of the
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great leadership at our mta, our county transportation, all of our transit systems and were at the highest level of educating the visitors and others to use public transportation. it will work for all of us and as we build the housing units we identified in hunter's point and treasure island and welcome more people to our great city and we are growing as a result. we are going to have the greatest subway system that can connect to our bart, to our caltrans, to up and down our muni lines. this central subway will be a great success. it will connect to some of the most densely populated and rapidly developing areas, and it will improve access to all of our vibrant communities, and really is investments like this that will
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foster loyalty among all of our public transit customers while we reduce carbon emissions, make our city cleaner and cleaner. i'm not the only one that thinks this way. you know i'm among many, many friends today in the audience, on stage and i would like to invite at this time someone who has made it a practice to visit our city regularly, to make sure this project was being planned well, that the initial funds that were granted to us by president obama and with the great work of our congressional delegates and speaker pelosi and senator feinstein we would make sure to use it in the right way and creating the jobs and the investment that people wanted to
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see. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood. please share this announcement. >> hello san francisco. i am delighted to be here to celebrate with all of you three very important champions for this project. senator feinstein who doesn't often call me, but when she does i pay attention, and four years ago when i went to see her about a number of issues this project was number one on her list. we need to get it done. we need to get a full funding grant agreement. she has been a champion for this project from the beginning going back -- i am sure she will tell you, i don't know how far. speaker pelosi, a champion for this project.
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[applause] speaker pelosi doesn't call me very often, but when she does it's always important. four years ago when i took this job i went to see the speaker. this was number one on her list. how do we get this project done? jackie spear a strong advocate for this project. you have three great champions, and i will also tell you that in working with senator boxer on the transportation bill this project was always at the top of her list. [applause] so i am delighted to be here. i don't know of another place i would rather be, and i know that all of you are so thrilled with the opportunity that this will create. every one of you sitting out there deserves credit. you've all played a role in this in some way or another. this is not about
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you. it's about the people. it's also about the next generation of transportation for the next generation for san francisco. that's what this is about. this is your vision. it's a clear vision, and so i am delighted, and very proud to announce today $942 million to the san francisco -- [applause] for the san francisco mta to extend the central subway light rail system from the downtown business district to chinatown. thousands of people will be enabled with good transportation as a result of this project. now, i have a long speech here but

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